woensdag 14 mei 2008

Lot's to tell

Last week I woke up way too early ( around 8 a.m. on a non-working day) because of a tremendous amount of noise in my street. Jackhammers, drills and loud music. My neighbours from across the streeet had a big surprise coming: Their stairs to the ground floor were gone:

I asked her what was going on and it seems that the whole front of the building is going to be "pimped." They are closing it up, so dogs (and humans!) won't pee or poo in front of the doors anymore, no more kids smoking pot on the stairs, but just a nice, safe entrance to their homes. I liked it. It was going to take a month or two she said. They had to leave their house via the back with some emergency stairs.

This morning (an other non-working day for me) I had a deja-vu: again, loud noices, an engine from a big truck running below my bedroom window, and yet again loud music. But it looks like my neighbour is getting some nice new stairs:

I wonder what's next. One thing is for sure: there will be loud music. People working outside, building or breaking streets, houses, buildings and so on seem to need loud music in order to perform...

Last sunday, I went with Danny and her BF to Swalmen in Limburg to visit a ceramics market. I have some more picture on MyFlickr, but I wanted to show you the most curious dog I've ever seen:

It's a rasta-dog, with dreadlocks! Honestly, and he/she feels very greasy, like a sheep skin. To bad you can't spin these dreads, because he/she looked beautiful.

I also spotted 2 ravens which reminded me of Huginn & Muninn, Odins birds.

In the afternoon we went to the vikingmarket in Eindhoven and look what I spotted there:

Huginn & Muninn. These 2 families attend a lot of viking events together, but yet stay apart. I thought is was very nice, and the banners are beautifully made.

I also met a viking who was dying yarn with madder (Rubia tinctorum L). You can see the plant behing the dying pot.

He told me a lot about dying and gave me some viking lemonade to taste afterward. He made it from apple vinager, honey and water. Something to try at home ;-)

Earlier this year I spotted my anual visiters, visiting my littler feedinghouse on my balcony:
These little mice come every year to eat and we've come to some kind of understanding: they stay outside and when the feedinghouse is empty, I clean up and they stay away. My cats have a blast when they come. Donna even bumps her nose on the window, eager to try to catch one of these nice little animals. I do love them.

But, the food is meant for little birds: tits, sparrows, robins and sometimes a wren. And I realy would like to have a little birds nest on my balcony, so when I spotted this on the ceramics market, I bought it:

And this morning I drilled a hole in the wall, put in a screw and my little tit pot hangs. Lets hope I have little babybirds next spring.
I did buy more on both markets, but I need to resize those pictures first. Now I really need to get ready to go outside and go to the postoffice. I promised Zaturn I'll post her Ribe-yarn today, and I have many more tasks on my Things-To-Do-Today list...

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Anoniem zei

Tit pot? LOL!

Marion zei

tit n. (also ti'tmouse) Any of various small birds mostly of the common and widely distributed genus Parus including the blue ~ (P. caeruleus), coal ~ (P. ater), and great ~(P. major)

pot n. rounded vessel of earhen ware.


Anoniem zei

Ach gossie... wat lief... een huisje voor de muisjes :-)