donderdag 4 september 2008


With Donna gone to the Summerland, creating a 50% deduction on my cat population, one might think that also applies to the shredded hairs in my house.

One is so very wrong. kees brought me a reindeer skin that was shredding hair on his carpet. I have a wooden floor, so its easier to remove the hairs from that. It's a very nice skin, and Danny and me sure could use it in our vikingtent-to-be.

When I unpacked it and laid it on the floor I called Ayla to investigate. You can see she approves of the skin, so it wil stay on the livingroom floor. I'll just have the same amount of hairs as if Donna was still with me.. and Pepijn, Loesje, Banjer and Isis too..

Miss Ayla

posing for the camera.

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