woensdag 12 november 2008


It seems I've been bitten by the knitting-bug again. After months off cross stitching I finaly started knitting again.

On of the first things to do is finish a pair of socks for a friend (I'm halfway some very large men's socks), get on with my Hoody and start to unravel my magic ball. Yesterday I casted on the Hedera by Cookie A.
Yay! I'm back in the knitting-business :D

4 opmerkingen:

Katja zei

Hmm, de bescheiden voetjes van mijn lief, zul je bedoelen. Maatje 46, wat stelt het nou eigenlijk voor ;-)

Private Jane zei

You're going to love Hedera -it's such a pleasant knit. Just be warned, that lace pattern is s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y

Anoniem zei

I also cross-stitched before I began knitting. I haven't picked up a project in YEARS.

Anje zei

Het kan ook best samen Marion....probeer ik ook! Heb nog nooit aan een verrassingsbol meegedaan, lijkt erg leuk!