maandag 15 december 2008


This morning my neighbour was at the door with a package. It was delivered a few days ago she said, but she was too busy to give it to me. It was a package from Italy, from my secret pal.

Oh my goddess what a great package it is..

A beautiful neckwarmer, Lana Grossa with silk and cashmere, chocolate to eat and to drink! Thank you soo much, I really like it!

Oh and uhm.. Italy huh? did you know I'm a coffee and pasta addict? *lol*

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

cofee and pasta addict?! Now I know how to fill my next package!!!

Glad you liked it!

kees zei

I'll come and help you eat the chocolate... Or bring it along to Hamburg!

Anoniem zei

What a wonderful package! The shades of purple are beautiful!!!s