donderdag 17 december 2009

Books and Fiber!


News from the Books & Fiber front. I've been so busy with work, rearranging my furniture in my house, my BF and also fighting off a heavy cold. I'm still not completely well, but I will... eventually.

Anyways. News! Remember me telling you about putting my name in the hat for the Book Blogger Holiday Swap? Well I received my gift from my Secret Santa.

Look wat Cheryl sent me:

I love Terry Pratchett and these 2 are not in my collection yet. I'm very happy with these. You can find Cheryl's blog here.

I read that the package I sent all the way to Tokio, Japan has arrived too. Have a look on Nat's blog here.

Meanwhile am I knitting frantically on my Jacobean socks and I'm already over the heel part:

On my swift I have True love by Wollmeise:

I'm going to knit the Sleekitt Mitts from this yarn.

I've cut the picture from the pattern and paste it below:

Well thats about it. Tomorrow (Fiday) I have one more day at work and then two whole weeks off. We had a small X-mass gathering / -drink at work today and we all got our presents. A book about the history of the "Oudejaarsconferentie" or Old Years Conference. A dutch tradition on television on witch a well known cabaret performer is talking about the past year, usually this show takes untill a few minutes before midnight. The second gift was vouchers to buy pesents for ourselfs; value €50,-- I am thinking about getting me some DVD's

Dan_e (thats the BF yes) will come over tomorrow after work and we will spent those 2 weeks in my house.

I'll try to keep you posted more often :)