woensdag 6 februari 2008

Books and Fiber

I have a new book:

It is so much fun, last night I was flipping pages and then I saw these:

I decided to try them and I made the smaller version. I happen to have 3 little knitted girls and they love animals. So A beehive would look great in the garden. The girls have their own blog ( in dutch) at http://www.breimeisjes.punt.nl/

Here is the new addition to the (still very empty) garden:

I have a hoody-update:

And I'm cross stitching again:

More cross-stitch pictures can be seen in MyXXX-Stitch

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Nicole zei

This is so funny! I almost sent you a link to the Craft: blog when I saw that book there the other day!!! And then I figured that you most likely read the Craft: blog anyway! And indeed, you already have the book!