maandag 10 augustus 2009

The spider.

When I was about to turn off my PC, some fast movement on my left cought my eye and when I looked I saw this on the edge of my noticeboard:

Big, and fast! I've never seen a spider run that fast. I'm not afraid of spiders, but the speed of this one did make my heart beat as fast as this critter could run. So, after I took the picture I went to the kitchen to get a glass and when I got back, luckely it was still sitting there. But when I tried to catch it, it run and fell on the floor, and run off to some dark corner behind my printer.

Then Ayla came into action:

She almost went all the way onder the central heater, to get it. But the smart spider run the other way and then I saw it coming on my right. I got my glass and..
Gotcha! I still have some listening books on CD in an envelop lying around (I really need to get me some proper cd-covers) and used one to put under the glass and keep the spider in it. Then it was through the kitchen to my balcony, remove the CD, a quick shake and bye bye spider...

Ayla stayed on patrol for another 15 minutes: she still lays haunting the dark corner the spider dissappeared to:
Well I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams and untill I blog again :)

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