zaterdag 26 december 2009


You can find "Books and Fiber" on this new adres.
"Books and Fiber" is verhuisd naar een nieuw adres.

donderdag 17 december 2009

Books and Fiber!


News from the Books & Fiber front. I've been so busy with work, rearranging my furniture in my house, my BF and also fighting off a heavy cold. I'm still not completely well, but I will... eventually.

Anyways. News! Remember me telling you about putting my name in the hat for the Book Blogger Holiday Swap? Well I received my gift from my Secret Santa.

Look wat Cheryl sent me:

I love Terry Pratchett and these 2 are not in my collection yet. I'm very happy with these. You can find Cheryl's blog here.

I read that the package I sent all the way to Tokio, Japan has arrived too. Have a look on Nat's blog here.

Meanwhile am I knitting frantically on my Jacobean socks and I'm already over the heel part:

On my swift I have True love by Wollmeise:

I'm going to knit the Sleekitt Mitts from this yarn.

I've cut the picture from the pattern and paste it below:

Well thats about it. Tomorrow (Fiday) I have one more day at work and then two whole weeks off. We had a small X-mass gathering / -drink at work today and we all got our presents. A book about the history of the "Oudejaarsconferentie" or Old Years Conference. A dutch tradition on television on witch a well known cabaret performer is talking about the past year, usually this show takes untill a few minutes before midnight. The second gift was vouchers to buy pesents for ourselfs; value €50,-- I am thinking about getting me some DVD's

Dan_e (thats the BF yes) will come over tomorrow after work and we will spent those 2 weeks in my house.

I'll try to keep you posted more often :)

dinsdag 15 december 2009

I know...

...its been to long. But I will post a new blogpost soon. As of next Friday I have holidays: 2 weeks no work, just fun.

For now:
Blessed be!

dinsdag 17 november 2009

The Martini Tower

Here are some of the pictures I made from our climb to the top halfway all the way up of the Martini Tower:

Yes, thats the one....

The bats have left the bell tower.. Bela Lucosi is dead.. :)

See the market in the little window?

Yes, thats the one

Lets play the
carillion shall we?

This is one of the "smaller" bells actually...
What goes up 251 steps, must go down 251 steps.
This was as high as we were allowed to go. 56 meters till the space behind the clock faces on the tower. It was a hell of a climb with an awsome view and well worth the calves abuse :)

maandag 16 november 2009

(no) Sunday Salon november 15th 2009

I'm so sorry but I did not make it to the Sunday Salon yesterday. The trip home from Groningen was very tiring, I had absolutely no energy to blog.

I did not finish my book on my trip either. On my way to Groningen I was knitting joyously on my Jacobean socks and on my way back I was way too tired and I had to switch trains a lot and even a bus was involved so I only read about one chapter.

My weekend was however awsome and makes me wonder: when do you start call someone your partner? All I can say right now is that The Twitterguy is my Boyfriend now. We take it very slowly but for the first time in 5 years I can say I'm happy, in stead of I'm a happy single :)

I'll blog about the trip up the Martini Tower in another post. I made pictures :)