woensdag 21 november 2007

Remember that sentence?

"Be careful not to twist when joined in the round."
I'm afraid I wasn't careful enough...

It was twisted.. So I frogged it and casted on again, knitted 1 row and a half. No twisting this time :D

dinsdag 20 november 2007


Look what my Secret Pall sent me:

Her name is Hanna and she's from Finland
Thank you so much Hanna, I love what you sent me, especially the hat :D

To knit or not to knit...

My Kaffe Fasset duo is going solo for the moment.

In the pattern row of sock 1 is a stitch missing and I cand find where it's hiding. So I'll be tinking the whole part back to the beginning and start the pattern part over. 5 rounds has to be re-knit. So I placed the sock on 5 dpns and I'm going on a rescue mission to find the missing stitch.

Meanwhile in the Mirror Socks department, sock 1 has reached the heel and all is going well.

And Danny and I casted on the Rogue Hoody yesterday at our SnB-Meeting:

But I should not be knitting at all today, I really need to get some work done on my Journal/workbook I have to keep for my Creative Hand Crafts course.

But for now I'm on a mission.. a rescue mission..
Tadadatadaaaaaaaa! Marretje to the rescuteeeee!!! :D

maandag 19 november 2007

Twinkle toes...

and a little bit of the Herringbone pattern visible... :D

donderdag 15 november 2007

Believe it or not...

But this unidentified 'something' will become socks.. some day :D

My new friend

Isn't he pretty?

What, you don't know? Well look at him!
:D I love my new loom:

Now all I need is to figure out how he works. Shouldn't be all to difficult, I've found lots of info on the Net and in books.

You see, that's why I know it's a he, men never come with directions for use, but they are too pretty easy to figure out :D

dinsdag 13 november 2007

maandag 12 november 2007

Circs vs dpns

Knitting cuff down on 2 cirs is tricky. I keep getting the inside on the ouside or the outside on the inside or ...

Well its like this:

The needles kept dangling inside out too, my yarn got tangled inside under over whatever..

So I sent it to the frogpond:

And casted on 64 new stitches on my loyal dpns:
19 more rows for the cuff..
I'm off.. knitting :D

Gifts and Mirror Socks

Look what the mailman brought me yesterday:

Thanx Metal and knit! I love the goodies! You rock grrl :D

We started a new KAL in my Dutch sock knitting group. "Spiegelsokken" or Mirror Socks. I want to knit mine in the wollmeise colourway Frosch and I've been winding my yarn:

As you can see I'm great in winding rugby balls :D
I wonder if a ball winder winds nicer, more round balls of yarn..

Anyway. I started the cable cast on on 2 circs, knitted the first round, pulling the first stitch realy tight and look:

A large "mind the gap" -hole between my needles....

I'm going to frog this and do my regular cast on, so I can knit the first 3 stitches with working yarn and tail yarn together. That should give me a nice close fit and no hole.

I hope... :D

zaterdag 10 november 2007

Rogue Hoody Yarn

Danny and me went to "De Breihoek" this afternoon. De Breihoek ( The knitting corner) is a LYS (for the muggle-knitters: LYS= local yarn shop) and there I found the yarn I want for my Rogue hoody.

It's Phildar Castel in the colourway Loden. I stole a picture from a website:

Th lady from the yarn shop told me she had only 9 balls and I need at least 10, but 11 is better. So she has placed an order (after calling every shop in The Netherlands that sells this brand asking for one more ball but no luck) So in a week or so I can cast on the Rogue Hoody.

After our visit to De Breihoek Danny and me went also to De Afstap, another LYS. There I got me some addi's 2 circs 40 cm, 2.5 mm for my next 1 sock on 2 circs project; and 1 circ 100 cm, 2,5 mm for my 2 socks on 1 circ project. I would love to learn that..

Monkey socks done!

dinsdag 6 november 2007

The SnB day

I went to Rotterdam very early. I wanted to have enough time to shop. And shopping I did :D
Look here:

The Opal wool is only to show the size of my large (almost 500 grams) of wool. I don't know how many meters, but I think it's enough for a scarf or a bag. It's 100% wool.
I bought another big skein:
Again the Opal for sizing. This is 280 gramms of 100% wool. 100 gram is aprox. 400 meter...

My last yarn buy is this handspun goat:

Ca. 160 gramms, greasy, nice smelling wool. What to do with it besides fondeling? :D
I also bought some beautiful autumn-coloured roving:

Rather bold for a green-blue-purple-kinda- girl like I am, but I love this and I can't wait to spin it. But first I wil practise some more on some cheaper stuff, so I won't be too sad when I mess up ;-))
After my shift at the info booth where I was answering questions for 2 hours I went to the workshop Twinned Knitting by Kerstin Jöhnson. It was very complicated at first, but once you get the rithm of altering the 2 yarns and twisting them around each other ever other stitch, it went very nice.
Casting on is rather complicated, but that too went wel once you've got the hang of it. I bought her book, its in Swedish, but the pictures show you step by step how it is done. Here's a picture from the book and my first little steps of twinned knitting.
I'll put some mittens in my queue. I do have to finish some WIP's first but next year I'l be wearing very warm mitts.
I had a great day, a very late night afterwards. It was museumnight and Artis was open until 1:30 AM. I was giving guided tours that night, also very great, but tiring :-))
So.. lets count down for next years National Stitch 'n Bitch day ;-)

zondag 4 november 2007

Moebius knitting

I will tell you all about by great day yesterday on the 2nd annual National Stitch 'n Bitch day at the Van Nelle fabriek in Rotterdam tomorrow or Tuesday. And I will make pictures from my buys, promise.

But she stayed at my house this weekend and she taught me how to do the moebius. And look:

it's working!!
So now I can knit this Felted Foursome from Cat Bordhís book A Second Treasury of magical Knitting. It's on page 76-77 for those who have the book too. :)
Thnks Jet! You're a true moebius expert. :)