dinsdag 26 februari 2008

Katja's hat!

I gave Katja her hat this morning, and she liked it. So I can show it here now:

maandag 25 februari 2008

Leave your seat...

and it will be taken.

I went to the kitchen to make some more tea. Ayla jumped on my chair even before I left my room. :)
This is Nova from up close:
I still need some Anchor colours and all the Eva Rosenstand colours, so there are some tiny white spots here and there :)

zaterdag 23 februari 2008

Firestarter part 4, frogging and frogs

Yes.. this is attempt 4. I had some trouble reading and understanding those traveling stitches on the chart. So I frogged it and did yet again a magical cast on (I'm getting good at that :D) and see! It's going very wel now.

Thanks to the excellent help from my good friend and Firestarter expert - thank you very much Jet - who 'translated' the chart for me and now I understand it completely. :D

But I have to stop knitting for a while. I'm going to work this afternoon and evening and tomorrow and monday I'll be at the zoo for the special event held there. It's called Coole Kikkers, which means Cool Frogs and has to do all about frogs. No not frogging, frogs *lol* The zoos in the whole world have declared 2008 the year of the frog. You can read more about it here.

So, have a great weekend, I'm off for now!

Irma's present

Irma let me know her present has arrived safely too, so I can show it:

It's a bit of a crappy picture, but the biscornu itself has turned out very wel :D

donderdag 21 februari 2008

Verona's present

I stitched an elephant and made a pinkeep from it for Verona:

That was one of the prsent's Ive been workon on. As soon as I hear my second present has arrived on the birthday-girl's door mat, I will show that one here too..

dinsdag 19 februari 2008


I officially started stitching on Nova this morning :D

The first stitches:

I'm so excited! And.. I have to buy more DMC because I don't have all the colours I need, so I have a great excuse to go to my LYS this afternoon.. Awfull isn't it?

zondag 17 februari 2008

Darning D = done

I've done a lot of stitching and knitting today, but mostly on gifts, so no pictures of that.
But I also stitched on my stitchers alfabet and the D is done. I needed to sew on the tiny beads and stitch the golden threads.

Here's a close up withe the beads and golden thread:

zaterdag 16 februari 2008

Oh dear...

This morning the sun was shining in my craft room:

So while I was basking in the sun, enjoying my room I noticed Poison Ivy's Pottery, which I've been neglecting for a long time:

I did not dare to open the shop, but look at the roofgarden, it's a mess!

The trash bin needs to be cleaned out real soon...

An oh my god.. is that cat hair I see???

But the problem is.. I have Nova almost ready to stitch.
I have the fabric, but it needs to be prepaired, and most of the floss is also ready to be used..

And I'm afraid I have a new obsession:

But the main issue is time.. I have to go to work now. We are expecting our visitor since the library opened her doors on 07-07-'07. Lots of important people coming to have a celebration this afternoon.. I beter get dressed for work and stop dreaming about my projects.
Luckely for me I'm reading the Monica Ferris books. Right now I'm reading Crewel Yule. That's at least a little stitching comfort during my tram-ride to work and when I'm on my diner break :D
After work, I'll be at Mulligans with my friends. Danny Guinan is playing tonight.
Life is good :D.

dinsdag 12 februari 2008

It's in the air...

Donna discovered the "Stairway to Heaven"

So did Ayla:

Yesterday we had our bi-montly volunteers meeting at Artis and I already had two Artis de Partis dolls and nou I have their friend from outer space too: Artis the Marsis.

They are happily living in my hall, getting their bottums warm :D

And also in the air today, the smell of these, peeled and chucked into pieces, boiling on my stove to become home made apple sauce.

The sun is shining, spring is waiting around the corner so:
It's in the air!

woensdag 6 februari 2008

Books and Fiber

I have a new book:

It is so much fun, last night I was flipping pages and then I saw these:

I decided to try them and I made the smaller version. I happen to have 3 little knitted girls and they love animals. So A beehive would look great in the garden. The girls have their own blog ( in dutch) at http://www.breimeisjes.punt.nl/

Here is the new addition to the (still very empty) garden:

I have a hoody-update:

And I'm cross stitching again:

More cross-stitch pictures can be seen in MyXXX-Stitch

dinsdag 5 februari 2008

To yvonnep

Trust me, I know what I'm doing :D

zaterdag 2 februari 2008

More sorting 2

Speaking of sorting.

This little 'baby' sorts all the books that are braught back to the public library where I work. This is the exit on the childrens department. The library has 6 floors with books and on every floor is an exit like this.

All books are returned by the customers on one place and this robot sorts them, transports them to the correct floor and pushes it out of the elevator-thingy on the right shelve. All we have to do is put them in a cart and place them on the proper shelf.
Quite impressive isn't it? :D