vrijdag 28 augustus 2009


I've lost some, those last few weeks. And today I've lost another one.
It made me deside to never let anyone come close again.. You only get hurt when you do.

I saw one of my ex-boyfriends the other day in the tram. He did not recocnise me. He looked awfull and I was wondering what it was I ever saw in him. He was skinny, had a beard - I hate facial hair- and he had big bags under his eyes. I know, he looked awsome when I met him: tall, blond curly hair, eyes with twinkles in it and a smile to die for. But the other day? Nah.. I almost felt sorry for him, but then I remembered how he left me for a girl with bigger boobs (he told me he had a new girlfriend with bigger tits then me, I never met his new Bimbo) and the sorry went away.

My ex-friends want the stuff back that has been in my house for some reason, and hey want to bring my stuff back too. Money owed, which was never a problem when to pay back, becomes an issue and needs to be payed back as soon as possible.

I want it to get over with too, as fast as possible, because a clean cut heals faster. And I am cutting too: deep and clean. So I can move on with my life. With enough friends to go out with, have fun with and be social with. But I will never ever let anyone come close again. I'm done getting hurt.

donderdag 20 augustus 2009

another blog

I've just made another blog. It will be in Dutch and it's about me and the WWW. Web 2.0, lifehacking, work at the Theater Institute and all things geeky.

Why? Well first of all, because I am a Geek.. Duh! *lol* but seriously. I found out Blogspot has less and less ways to add widgets I like and after being a tester for a new one yesterday, when I found out I could not insert that one here, I decided to get a new blog on Wordpress.com. I was flirting with the idea for a while now and so I made up my mind this morning.

I will be posting fiber and personal related items here, in English. But my geeky, web 2.0 and work related posts will move to here.

vrijdag 14 augustus 2009


Today I saw another spider sitting on my left. Luckely this one was a bit smaller and I did catch him/her (?) inmediatly. Please tell me these spiders are native Dutch ones and not some exotic species that came with my 2 banana's....

maandag 10 augustus 2009

The spider.

When I was about to turn off my PC, some fast movement on my left cought my eye and when I looked I saw this on the edge of my noticeboard:

Big, and fast! I've never seen a spider run that fast. I'm not afraid of spiders, but the speed of this one did make my heart beat as fast as this critter could run. So, after I took the picture I went to the kitchen to get a glass and when I got back, luckely it was still sitting there. But when I tried to catch it, it run and fell on the floor, and run off to some dark corner behind my printer.

Then Ayla came into action:

She almost went all the way onder the central heater, to get it. But the smart spider run the other way and then I saw it coming on my right. I got my glass and..
Gotcha! I still have some listening books on CD in an envelop lying around (I really need to get me some proper cd-covers) and used one to put under the glass and keep the spider in it. Then it was through the kitchen to my balcony, remove the CD, a quick shake and bye bye spider...

Ayla stayed on patrol for another 15 minutes: she still lays haunting the dark corner the spider dissappeared to:
Well I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams and untill I blog again :)

zaterdag 8 augustus 2009

The Geek Atlas

If you're not one for sitting on the beach and have a penchant for technology then you'll love the new book The Geek Atlas.

If you want to get the geek in your life out from behind the computer, get them this! More info on: The Book Depository I put it on my wishlist :)

vrijdag 7 augustus 2009

What cought my eye:

My friend Nicole sends out a weekly e-mail with beautiful pictures and she calls it "Things that cought my eye this week"

This picture made me think of her e-mails and I'm wondering if this has cought her eye as well :)

I saw the left picture on this website: http://tinyurl.com/kre5gr, Nicole sent me the right version

Nicole was telling me she was looking at the same picture when I sent her mine in an e-mail. She did tell me it was not an accurate version, CocaCola did change its logo. She sent me the more accurate picture, see above.