woensdag 31 oktober 2007

Samhein / Hallowe'en

To all pagans, heathens, wiccans and witches in the world:
Have a great Samhein and I wish you all a happy new year ;-)

Blessed be.

But I also wish you all a happy Halloween. Google is in Halloween-mood already:

I love those themed google pictures, don't you? :D

maandag 22 oktober 2007

vrijdag 19 oktober 2007

Look! No holes in my toe.

Firestarter continued

The patters for the Firestarter tells me to do a provisional cast on, and make short rows with the wrap & turn method. The cast on went pretty wel, but the first wrap & turn did not go very well. I had holes in my toe:

I sent this toe toe the frog pond, did another cast on and started over, wrapping and turning and all went well. So I thought...
Until this happened:

BUT.. I really, really, really want those socks, so I went looking for another method of casting on toe up socks and I found a 'magic cast on' in Knitty. And look:

So far so good ;-) I've never done a sock on 2 circs, so I'm very curious if I can do this without any holes ;-))

If it works, I'm going to be so proud of myself :D

woensdag 17 oktober 2007

speaking about socks

I've finished sock 1 from the Katja s0cks and I've started the Monkey sock from Cookie A.
I cannot upload pictures right now - Blogger has some probblems they are aware of and working very hard to fix it - but you can see them in MyFlickr

zondag 14 oktober 2007

Firestarter started!

My first provisional cast-on without help. This is the second time I do this, my first time I had help (read: it was done by, while I was watching) from Robert, one of my SnB-knitsibs ;-)

This is going to the frogpond... I don't like holes in my sock. Lets try again ok? ;-)

woensdag 10 oktober 2007

dinsdag 9 oktober 2007

Secret Pall 11 goodies

All I can say is Thank you!
I love the yarn, the tea smells interesting and the chocolate is yummie! :-)
I did not get the nice necklace properly on the picture, but it is purple as well.

vrijdag 5 oktober 2007


He was talking about his wildlife in his house.
This afternoon my brother-in-law discovered this on my balcony:

Actually, it's my upstairs neighbours balcony. But I'm looking at it. He -the handsome guy on the picture - is still there. Sitting on the boult for 5 hours straight. I wonder if he's still there in the morning :D