zondag 28 juni 2009

Simones RR

I finished my part of Simone's Round Robin today and will sent it to her tomorrow.
This is what I stitched:

and this is her final RR:

I've decided to never ever do that again. Cross stitching with deadlines is not my cup of tea.

zaterdag 27 juni 2009

It wasn't me

You must have knocked it over when you went by it.. I did not do anything. I did not jump on it and it did not fell....

But it does make a nice tent huh? :)

zaterdag 6 juni 2009

Artis Dreamnight 2009

If you recognise yourself in one of these pictures and don't want it to be published here, please let me know and I'll remove the picture.

Als je jezelf op één van de foto's herkent en niet wil dat deze hier te zien is, laat het me weten en ik haal de foto weg.

email: rondarchief@gmail.com

donderdag 4 juni 2009


It was my birthday yesterday and I decided to not celebrate it. Not because I turned an awkward age - I mean 44 isn't THAT bad - but I just did not feel like it.

I was sooo wrong. First my best friend Katja invited herself very subtly over for tea and yummies. And flowers and presents. Then, when I decided to have fun in my second life in my trainers and with my glasses on my nose, kees arrived at my doorstep, and a few minutes later danny too. I was to get dressed to face the outside world. They 'kidnapped' me and took me to De Waaghals. A very good vegetarian restaurant in my neighborhood.

When I got home I found an embroidered birthday card made by my mother in my mailbox, with birthday money in it.

Finally, my collegues decided to do something they never did before. They decorated a chair today, just for me. The paper says: Dear Marion, happy birthday, dear Marion dear Marion.



Thank you Hannie for taking the pictures for me. I did not bring my camera and she made these for me with her phone.

So all and all, for not celebrating my birthday, I sure know I had it. Thank you my dearest friends for making this day a happy one :)