vrijdag 31 juli 2009

Another month...

... has gone by and I did not blog.. Well not here I didn't, My Second Life person was rather active on her blog. :) I did post updates on Twitter though. If you consider following me there, my Twitter-name is tattoocats.

Anyway, a lot has happened this past month, but the best thing that happened is that I got myself a new job. Yes, I'm leaving the OBA. It turned out not to be the job I'm willing to take until my pension, so I was looking around. And my first attempt for finding a new employer turned out to be a 'bulls eye' :)

My new job will be that of information specialist at the Dutch Theater Institute. Here are the Dutch and English links. I am so happy, I'm dancing in my house all day, wearing a enourmous grin on my face.

So thats the update for now. I'll try to blog a bit more, meanwhile consider following me on twitter :)