zondag 30 september 2007

Fibre craft fair and gifts

Danny and I went to the fibre craft fair in Den Bosch yesterday. We had a great time, bought some nice things and spent some time knitting at the Stitch 'n Bitch table.

I bought a yarn rack, something I wanted for a long time.

The cones with the yarn on it is linen thread and I bought that in Oerlinghausen. I'm planning to tablet weave or card weave with that.

I also bought a fabric cutter, some knitting needle protectors and a book:

Oh, and uhm... yes that _is_ Noro on the top left. Danny and I are going to knit some arm warmers from that. Danny bought also 2 balls; same colour as mine are. :D

When I got home I found 2 packages. One from my Fat Quarter swap partner:

Thank you so much Eve!

And one from my Punk Rock Gift Exchange semi-secret partner:

Thank you Metal and Knit!

As I have a week off from work I have enough to do and enjoy.
So here are my plans for tomorrow:

First I will go to my school (info from link is in Dutch only) for my arts and crafts lessons. We are working with clay at the moment and I made a vase.. some sort of.. Anyway, it looks like a vase, lets put it that way. ;-))

After my lessons I go to visit my mum and dad, finally giving them their socks I knit them and in the evening you will find me at Café De Jaren, to meet my knitsibs (I love that word, Brenda Dayne uses it in her podcast) from my Stitch and Bitch group.

so, I write:
TTFN, CUsoon

vrijdag 28 september 2007

Wollmeisse mess

Somewhere, something went wrong.

I'm afraid my "Firesterter" will have to wait untill I made 2 nice balls out of this mess...

The vikings came to Oerlinghausen

Last weekend was the viking event in Oerlinghausen. I did convince Ayla to stay at home, she was well taken care of bij the downstairs neighbour and my friend Katja. And Donna thought it was nicer to stay behind together too. So, Danny, Kees and me went by car which Dannys brother was kind enough to lent to us (thank you!) to Germany.

When we arrived it was dark, so outside there was not much to be seen, except a beautiful sky filled with stars. I live in a big city and don't get to see much stars because of all the electric lights, so when I do see a star lit sky, I really get that 'vacation feeling' in my stomach :D

We slept in the backery and although you did not suspect it from the outsight, we had electricity, but no beds. Luckely Danny brought me an air filled sleeping mat, so I did not have to sleep on the bare floor.

After we 'set up camp' we went to "the cellar" where we met some of the other vikings. That's where I learned to speak German fluently. What helped were 3 glasses of Tullamore which found ther way into my body. This evening the first liter of whisky mysteriously vaporated
into thin air...

The next morning Danny and I had to relocate the car so we went into viking cloths to the parking lot to drive it to the allocated designation. There were some tourists looking a bit strange when we got into the car. On the way back to the museum, we walked through the forest which was beautiful.

This is the museums new Longhouse. It looks very nice and the roof is just stunning. The weather was great on both days: sunny, warm.. almost like summer.Here you can see what I did all weekend:

Stitch 'n Bitch the Viking way. The lady is red is Runa Steinarsdóttir, Rona Kreekel in the 21st century. Danny was Stitching and Bitching too, you can see a picture from the three of us on her site. I think my vikingname will be Aldkin Weis, which means "orphin child of the fairies" but I'm not sure yet. I like the name but I have to find out more about it.

On saterday evening we had a nice diner and yet another liter of Tullamore Dew vaporised.. It must be the German air :D

I had a very nice time and alas.. it was the last event of the season we will attent. So now its time to gather around the hearth and sew some new cloths. And the tent. All by hand, to make it as authentic as possible.

vrijdag 21 september 2007

Die wikinger kommen!

Danny, Kees and me will be in Oerlinghausen this weekend.

I only have to convince Ayla she really, seriously, absolutely cannot come with us..

donderdag 20 september 2007

My first set stitchmarkers

Lisa sent me these, I love them! :D
Thank you Lisa!

woensdag 19 september 2007

Talk like a pirate day

Today it's talk like a pirate day. Wanna know hoe to talk like a pirate? Click the picture (and finds lots of more information) or find the basics here.

For all you geeks out there, there is a pirate talk translator :D

I'll be wearing this T-Shirt today:

Njoy your day!

donderdag 13 september 2007

Knitting plans

I want to knit these:

It's the firestarter from Yarnissima

With this yarn:

Rhabarber from Wollmeisse.

I really, really, really want to cast on.. but I still have 2 pairs of socks OTN and my super-secret-project for the Hallowe'en-party on october 31st at Mulligans. And I do need to knit a swatch for this:

zondag 9 september 2007

Sunday update

I got my first package from my Secret Pal 11:

Thank you pal! It is great!

Received my stitchmarkers from mySwapbot Partners

Thanks girls! I love them
And this morning I gave a guided tour at Artis. It was my first english guided tour and it went pretty wel. 4 people from India and I walked for 2 hours with them. It was a nice tour and they did enjoy themselves very much.

Now I will N-joy the rest of my Sunday with making stitchmarkes for yet another swap :D

woensdag 5 september 2007


Danny and I participated in the Viking week at Archeon last weekend. Unfortunatly Kees had to cancel beacause of a very nasty bug that - as Danny so eloquently put it: "had made him develop an intimate relationship with his bathroom and she (the bathroom) had abandonment issues."

We enjoyed ourselfs very much anyway. Like Danny said on her blog: "We shopped lots and made our first joint purchase: an iron cooking pot.

We want to finish our tent by next Whitsun so we won’t have to sleep at the dorm anymore. Plus we’ll be able to use it as a booth for our pottery and embroidery."

If you have visited Danny's blog you will notice I used her words in my blog. Some of them, the rest are mine. Well the thing is.. why would I make up my own crappy sentences if I can (re-)use the very eloquent ones from my friend? I won't, so I copied/pasted some of her words. All of the pictures are mine.

Just like these socks-to-be. I started nålebinding these last weekend.

I will try to make some pictures from my shoppings. I bought wool, silk, needles and a spindle as well as a new basket.

Here we sit at "our" table, on which we crafted, explained our work to the visitors and where we made and had lunch.

On Saterday evening we had a very nice party with free food and beer and there was music. Danny brought a bottle of yummie Talisker, which was suddenly empty at some point of the evening/night...

On sunday afternoon the fight demo was a bit of a dull scene, due to the free beer that was taken in by the men the night before in large amounts. The warriors looked also very dull all day.. Vikings and alcohol, an interesting combination.

But it was a great weekend, my next viking event will be in Oerlinghausen on september 21st - 23rd.


Pictures from my shopping:

A wooden spindle and some needles

Shoes! I've got shoes...
and they gave me blisters....
But.. I do like my new shoes. Whan can I say? I'm a woman :D

I also bought a basket, but that will pop up on a picture soon enough.