woensdag 5 september 2007


Danny and I participated in the Viking week at Archeon last weekend. Unfortunatly Kees had to cancel beacause of a very nasty bug that - as Danny so eloquently put it: "had made him develop an intimate relationship with his bathroom and she (the bathroom) had abandonment issues."

We enjoyed ourselfs very much anyway. Like Danny said on her blog: "We shopped lots and made our first joint purchase: an iron cooking pot.

We want to finish our tent by next Whitsun so we won’t have to sleep at the dorm anymore. Plus we’ll be able to use it as a booth for our pottery and embroidery."

If you have visited Danny's blog you will notice I used her words in my blog. Some of them, the rest are mine. Well the thing is.. why would I make up my own crappy sentences if I can (re-)use the very eloquent ones from my friend? I won't, so I copied/pasted some of her words. All of the pictures are mine.

Just like these socks-to-be. I started nÄlebinding these last weekend.

I will try to make some pictures from my shoppings. I bought wool, silk, needles and a spindle as well as a new basket.

Here we sit at "our" table, on which we crafted, explained our work to the visitors and where we made and had lunch.

On Saterday evening we had a very nice party with free food and beer and there was music. Danny brought a bottle of yummie Talisker, which was suddenly empty at some point of the evening/night...

On sunday afternoon the fight demo was a bit of a dull scene, due to the free beer that was taken in by the men the night before in large amounts. The warriors looked also very dull all day.. Vikings and alcohol, an interesting combination.

But it was a great weekend, my next viking event will be in Oerlinghausen on september 21st - 23rd.


Pictures from my shopping:

A wooden spindle and some needles

Shoes! I've got shoes...
and they gave me blisters....
But.. I do like my new shoes. Whan can I say? I'm a woman :D

I also bought a basket, but that will pop up on a picture soon enough.

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Anoniem zei

Looks like you enjoyed yourself and it was a good weekend.

Anoniem zei

That's interesting. Knitting in the Viking way. Is it very different from the way we do it today?
Think its lots of fun to live some days the Vikings did.
Their history is interesting. I've read a lot about them.