donderdag 18 december 2008

Find your colors

Your rainbow is strongly shaded violet.


What is says about you: You are a creative person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

maandag 15 december 2008


This morning my neighbour was at the door with a package. It was delivered a few days ago she said, but she was too busy to give it to me. It was a package from Italy, from my secret pal.

Oh my goddess what a great package it is..

A beautiful neckwarmer, Lana Grossa with silk and cashmere, chocolate to eat and to drink! Thank you soo much, I really like it!

Oh and uhm.. Italy huh? did you know I'm a coffee and pasta addict? *lol*

dinsdag 2 december 2008

20 years.. I know her.. 20 years!!!

so we decided to celebrate :D
And what is the best way to celebtrate 20 years of friendship with your best friend? Correct, with chocolate! We went to a chocolate workshop...

You can see more pictures @ MyPictures.