maandag 28 juli 2008

Blijdorp Zoo

I'm still a bit lazy on the blogging-department. Kees, Danny and me went to Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam last Wednesday. Kees blogt about it and here are some of the pictures I took:

Do not spit.








Baby 1

Baby 2

Baby 3



maandag 21 juli 2008


Today Donna's blood suger was 8.4.
And yes thats very good, because she needed to get below 10.

If she's still below 10 next week, the next check up after that can be later than after a week, maybe even after 2 weeks. At the end, when she keeps on going like this, she only needs to get her blood checked every 2 months.
(and uhmm sorry for the crappy picture, she does not like it, having her picture taken, so she keeps on walking and not stand still. This is the best I could make, after taken at least 8 blurry pictures.)

More 8 today, Fair and Square #8. Thank you so much for the LHN squares Chantal! I love them.

vrijdag 18 juli 2008

Tapis de Bayeux in Leiden

Danny and I went to Leiden last Wednesday, to visit the Tapis de Bayeux. Well actually a darn-good copy of it. Marloes Keereweer makes replica's of the famous tapestry.

The exhibit was at the Museum het Leids Wevershuis (the weavers house). I took some pictures:


Natural dying ingredients:

and here are the replica's:

look at the back how it's done:
And here is some more Tapis de bayeux:

We did more that day.., we fondled yarn, shopped till we dropped and had a nice lunch at Bagels and Beans and at the end of the afternoon some tasty Australian ice cream..


Noro sockyarn


New shoes:

New Troll bead:

maandag 14 juli 2008

Irish festival in Deventer

I'm going to be very, very lazy about this.
Go see kees' blog... he made pictures and he wrote the story about our 'day in the country'.

It was a great day! :D

woensdag 9 juli 2008

Magic Yarn Swap

I am participating in a "Magic ball swap" in The Netherlands. You hand-make (at least) 1 knitting related gift, get some more small presents, with a total value between 15 and 20 euro's, get a ball or skein of yarn and wrap all those presents into one a big ball of yarn.

You sent it to your recipient, anonymously, and she (or he) will find all the gifts while she (or he) starts knitting with the yarn.

Yesterday I received mine:

I can hardly wait to start knitting, but first I need to start some cross stitching swaps.

Anyway: Thank you very much, secret Magic ball partner.. I already like the smell that's coming out of the package and the colour of the yarn is very pretty, dark green. I love it.

zondag 6 juli 2008


Simone found this in a recycle-shop and thought of me. So she bought it and sent it to me. What a nice surprise! Thnx Simone, it is great and I will try it out.

I also got my order from "De Handwerk Boetiek" with my 'Sara Tobias book' and the LHN "The Bookshelf"

I'll be working today, but after that: 4 whole weeks of holidays.
I can't wait :D

zaterdag 5 juli 2008

10 more!

My collegue Remco has guppies too. He likes them, but his guppies serve just one purpose: food. Remco has big fish, Oscar Fish or Astronotus ocellatus and these monsters eat guppies.

So when he heard I bought some guppies from the petshop for 2 euro's a fish, he told me he could bring me some from his tank. And yesterday he brought them to work. 10 lovely guppies, from very small to large, guppie-large that is.

I have some crappy pictures here:



Now I really have a nice filled Guppywood :D

vrijdag 4 juli 2008

Fair and square round #7

My first round from the Fair and Square swapping blog. My partner was Michele from the USA and she stitched me 2 beautiful squares:

And a close up:

Thank you very much Michele I realy like them!