zaterdag 5 juli 2008

10 more!

My collegue Remco has guppies too. He likes them, but his guppies serve just one purpose: food. Remco has big fish, Oscar Fish or Astronotus ocellatus and these monsters eat guppies.

So when he heard I bought some guppies from the petshop for 2 euro's a fish, he told me he could bring me some from his tank. And yesterday he brought them to work. 10 lovely guppies, from very small to large, guppie-large that is.

I have some crappy pictures here:



Now I really have a nice filled Guppywood :D

2 opmerkingen:

kees zei

I think your guppies need a porcelain castle or maybe a diver with treasure chest...

Anoniem zei

2 euro per stuk??? Dan zijn ze nog duurder dan nieuwe haring, en daar zit veel meer vlees aan :-P