vrijdag 20 februari 2009

Colombian Stuff

Nantko, a friend of Danny and me went to Colombia and brought us back some Colombian stuff yarn. When Danny visited me last night for some spinning, stitchin, bitching and Hackers along with some Chinese food she brought me my part of the Colombian stuff yarn.

Tonight when I went to my studio/bedroom to get something out of it, Ayla followed me in. Soon she started to sniff in the air like a real sniffer dog (it was an embarrasing sight, trust me) and then she discovered the Colombian stuff yarn.

Look for your self what happened next:

I think I have a little Colombian stuff yarn junkie in my home now. X)

donderdag 12 februari 2009

knit knit. frog frog.. knit knit again

But it's growing bit by bit, stitch by stitch.
My Rogue Hoody and I got re-acquainted again and I fell in love all over again.