donderdag 4 juni 2009


It was my birthday yesterday and I decided to not celebrate it. Not because I turned an awkward age - I mean 44 isn't THAT bad - but I just did not feel like it.

I was sooo wrong. First my best friend Katja invited herself very subtly over for tea and yummies. And flowers and presents. Then, when I decided to have fun in my second life in my trainers and with my glasses on my nose, kees arrived at my doorstep, and a few minutes later danny too. I was to get dressed to face the outside world. They 'kidnapped' me and took me to De Waaghals. A very good vegetarian restaurant in my neighborhood.

When I got home I found an embroidered birthday card made by my mother in my mailbox, with birthday money in it.

Finally, my collegues decided to do something they never did before. They decorated a chair today, just for me. The paper says: Dear Marion, happy birthday, dear Marion dear Marion.



Thank you Hannie for taking the pictures for me. I did not bring my camera and she made these for me with her phone.

So all and all, for not celebrating my birthday, I sure know I had it. Thank you my dearest friends for making this day a happy one :)

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mainely stitching zei

Oh what fun!!! :D :D :D

Happy (belated) birthday!