maandag 12 november 2007

Circs vs dpns

Knitting cuff down on 2 cirs is tricky. I keep getting the inside on the ouside or the outside on the inside or ...

Well its like this:

The needles kept dangling inside out too, my yarn got tangled inside under over whatever..

So I sent it to the frogpond:

And casted on 64 new stitches on my loyal dpns:
19 more rows for the cuff..
I'm off.. knitting :D

3 opmerkingen:

Nicole zei

I absolutely love that colour! What is it going to become when finished?

Marion zei

@ Nicole: socks! For me! :D

Nicole zei

Wonderful! You know, I've always wanted to learn knitting a bit more. I'm much better at crochet. But my main thing is cross-stitching. If only I had the time for everything! How are you liking the new job at the library?