maandag 24 december 2007

Midwinter message

I read Danny's blog today. She has posted an email which was sent to her, and she writes:
"I wanted to send it on, but Kees said there were bugs attached. So I decided to blog it instead. My readership may not be as big as my mailbox, but I think this is important stuff. I worry about the direction things are taking in my neck of the woods nowadays, and I find that if there’s one lesson to learn from history it’s that people don’t seem to be learning from history."

I so totally agree with her and decided to add my readership to hers: Go visit her blog, and read her message! I too worry, and so should you ;-)

Happy Holidays from me too!

1 opmerking:

EnnaVic zei

I somehow missed that you had moved blogspaces. I think it must have been caught in the accidental deletion I did of all my waiting posts on blogspace. Anyway glad to have found you again (and thanks for the Hedgehog comment on Flickr - just added you as a friend on Ravelry as well :) )

I will also repost this via my blog - glad you pointed us in it's direction.