donderdag 1 mei 2008

One day left..

... before we drive to Denmark tomorrow. We is Danny, Kees and Janneke.

We'll be here:

and back on Monday may 5th.

Kees' tunic is almost finished and my headcover can be done in the car on our 8-10 hour drive.
Today is for packing, shop for the last minute things you absolutely need and preparing Ayla's medicine box so all my friend and excellent cat-caretaker Katja has to do is take the pills out of it's container, crush them, mix with some salmon paté and Ayla will eat it.

So. I'm back on monday, with lots of pictures. :D

5 opmerkingen:

kees zei

we zitten bij nr. 9

Nicole zei

I am looking forward to the photos!!! Have a lovely trip the lot of you!

Anoniem zei

"We" includes Marion too I guess... *evil grin*

Anoniem zei

Wooooo hoooooo... I finally manage to leave a reaction here :-))))) *dancing round the table*

Anoniem zei

Have a lot of fun!