woensdag 18 maart 2009

SP 13 final box & Rogue Hoody update

My postman always rings twice, and boy did he bring me a nice package :)

A box filled with goodies from my - no longer- Secret Pall Asuka from Italy. And OMGs did she spoil me:

Thank you soo much Asuka, i realy, realy loved the goodies. And next time I'm on the scales at my dietists, and it still shows no decrease in my weight, I blame your chocolate :)

I'm also still making slow progress on my Hoody:

The knitting in the round is done, the back is done and i have started on the front. I can actually wear it, and more amazing: it fits :))
So, that's it for today.. I'm off.. fondeling my new yarn.

2 opmerkingen:

A-L zei

that's a nice package! and Rogue looks good as well. It is one of my favourite knits ever (have made 1 formyself and 1 for my DH who asked me to knit one for him as well)Cannot wait to see yours when it is done.

Line zei

Wat heerlijk allemaal die verwennerijen, en je hoody begint al vorm te krijgen nog even doorbijten en je kan hem nog dragen op een frisse lenteavond.