vrijdag 13 november 2009

Jacobean socks

I'm going to visit my Twitterguy this weekend and I needed a new knitting travel project. The Jacobean is waiting for me for a very, very long time and yesterday evening I casted on the cuff-down version. I'll be spending 2,5 hours in the train tonight, and about 3 hours in train and bus when I come back, so there will be enough time to knit and read.

I also updated my Ravelry page. You do have to be a member to watch that page though. It has been ages since I was there. But now that I'm knitting again, I might update more often.

I'll be back on Sunday, so I'll be visiting the Sunday Salon a bit late but I do think I can tell about Rincewind and Twoflower. I'm planning of finishing the first book of the Discworld series.

Have a good weekend!

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