dinsdag 22 januari 2008

Sorting, Actress and Hoody

So. I will not talk about the Midwinterfest because there wasn't one. We found that out after driving 350 km to Oerlinghausen. Someone obviously forgot to email us there wasn't going to be a Midwinterfest...

I am writing about my day today. I've been sorting out all the papers I have about my education as a volunteer tour guide at the zoo . I've been trained to be a tour guide for our local zoo for 18 months now and it's about time I'll sort all my stuff on that subject. This is what that looks like:

And yes, that is "queen" Ayla, sitting in front of the curtain looking down on the people (i.e. me) working hard. :D

Between sorting and entertaining Ayla, I managed to get some knitting done. The hoody is growing slowly, but steadily:

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Hoody looking good! I've made a few mistakes in the hood-cabling, but I've also found out a nifty way to cover it up (grin). After my exams I'm SO going to finish that thing (wonder how long those sleeves are going ta take)!

Anoniem zei

Tjee, dat is ook wat zeg, 350 km voor niets reizen!! Dat is echt balen!

Marion zei

@ dutchlass with your speed, those sleeves will be done in a second. :-)

@ berthi: het is erger: 700 kilometer voor niks, die 350 was alleen nog maar de heenreis. Bedankt voor je reactie :D