dinsdag 8 januari 2008


Sarah asked on her blog if we could guess when her Ravelry invite would be dropped in her mailbox. I made an educated guess and look: I won! So she sent me some very beautiful, bright coloured yarn. As she described it:

"Self-striping, in, um, vibrant colors. Wouldn’t that look good on your feet? That’s about 460 yards of superwash merino - nylon, more than enough for a pair of socks."

I love it:

So now I have to get me a nice pattern for this yarn.

And then last week or so, Annemarie wrote an email to our SnB-Yahoo group. She had free stuff and if we wanted anything, we had to let her know. I was game for her off-white and so she came to our SnB-Meeting yesterday evening and look what she got me:

A bag full of lovely off-white yarn, more than enough to knit me a sweater..
I also need a pattern for this.

Any suggestions, anyone? :D

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Anoniem zei

I have no suggestions on the sweater pattern as the most complicated knitting I've accomplished thus far are hats, BUT I do offer you a great THANK YOU for the lovely SP11 package! It finally arrived here in snowy North Pole, Alaska. I posted a bit on my blog about it. I'll be sure to check back in with you from time to time and add you my google reader! Thank you again!