maandag 30 juni 2008


Donna went to see the vet today the test her blood and sugar.
Last Monday it was 24.1 Today it was 17. Going strong, but she needs to get below 10.

She did not gain any weight, but the vet told me I can give her 10 more grams of food per day. And she's going from 0.5 IE insuline to 1.0 IE insuline. For me a bit easier to notice if I realy do inject any insuline at all. I did, because her level went down, but it was hard to see. For Donna its a small step faster in getting regulated.

Next week: next check-up. We keep you all informed.

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Carol zei

{{{HUGS}}} for you and Donna! We had a diabetic cat for several years. It is hard to accept having to give your cat a needle, but it gets easier over time...