maandag 23 juni 2008

Not very good...

Donna looks not so well today. She looses weight and is down.
I'm taking her to the vet in a few minutes.
Keep your fingers crossed she won't be as bad as she seems to be.

I have a knot in my stomach and visions of Pepijn's last visit at the vet.
Keep your fingers crossed for Donna. I keep you posted.

UPDATE: the vet called earlier this evening. She wanted to know if it's ok to do some more tests, because it could be diabetes, but to be sure, some more tests need to be done. I will hear the results tomorrow.

5 opmerkingen:

Simone zei

Sending good vibes and hugs for Donna!

mainely stitching zei

Fingers and toes crossed that all will go well at the vet.

Anne zei

brand mijn kaarsen voor jou en donna

Anoniem zei

Oh, dit gaat me aan het hart hoor ... ik kan me goed voorstellen dat je met een knoop in je maag zit. Succes en sterkte met de onderzoeken van je katte-dame, diabetes klinkt niet fijn!

Michele zei

oh I do hope the vet figures out what is wrong .. sending positive vibes!