vrijdag 16 oktober 2009

I'm still alive!

Its been a month, no longer, since I posted here.
And this is also a short post, because I'm here:

This is my desk at TIN: the Theater Instituut Nederland (the Dutch theatre institute). And see that green cup? thats filled with café creme: delecious coffee :)

I'm just here to say I'm alive and doing very well indeed. Much better that a few months ago. I was at the zoo last Wednesday, giving a guided tour and doing 2 kids birthday-parties. Next Saterday I'm also giving a guided tour, so all is going well there als wel.

Time to get to work.
Bye for now.

PS that picture is made with my new and awsome iPhone, emailed to my webmail and uploaded to my blog from that same desk you see in the picture :) How geeky is that? *lol*

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