vrijdag 23 oktober 2009


Yesterday Cornette or @Zjannette on Twitter, posted a new recepe on her blog Cornette's Culinaire Weblog: zuurkooltaart or a pie filled with sauer white cabbage.

I decided to try it out. Her recepe's are simple, with wine suggestions, awfully simple and I like them very much. It is in Dutch though. So after work I went to the supermarket, got my groceries and started cooking. Well I started right after a phonecall from @dan_e, also a twitterfriend. He is coming to visit me soon, but thats another story.

This is what my pie looked like befour it went in the 180 C oven:

And 30 minutes I had this:

The picture is a bit blurry, I was excited and it was taken with my iPhone which has no real camera options yet. *lol* But, it was awsome, I ate half of this 22 cm pie :) Thats a lot for me.

Today its back to work, and at 16:00 hours my weekend starts. Tomorrow we have a class at Artis from Maarten Frankenhuis, one of the previous directors of the zoo. I'm very much looking forward to it.

3 opmerkingen:

Lieke zei

Klinkt goed. Bedankt voor de link naar de blog, die ga ik zeker eens gebruiken voor inspiratie!

Anoniem zei

It looks great but what did it *taste* like? (Gnoe is not too fond of sauerkraut ;)

Cornette's blog is a nice recipe source indeed!

Marion zei

@Lieke: zeker de moeite waard, zalige recepten

@gnoegnoe; I dont like sauerkraut an sich either, but it is addictive in pies. Awsome nice taste, especially in combination with banana's. Try it, if you dont like it; bring it to me, I'll eat it :)